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Centreville, Virginia is an upscale suburban community and homes market located west of Fairfax real estate, in Fairfax County. Centreville VA blossomed from a tiny, historic town to a vibrant suburb in the D.C. metro area in fairly recent times. Significant growth began in the late 20th century, spurred largely by the introduction of tech companies in the area. Centreville real estate encompasses an array of attractions, business and residential features. These include close proximity to Washington Dulles International Airport, an historic district, upscale shopping areas like Fair Oaks Mall, and a lovely, public green space, Ellanor C. Lawrence Park. Real estate includes a unique blend of established and new neighborhoods and desirable homes. For those interested, Centreville VA homes for sale can be found in a variety of styles and floor plans at any given time on the market.

Centreville Real Estate

Centreville puts residents in a premier location with top-rated schools and near the Blue Ridge Mountains. In fact, views provided by many homes in the community offer stunning panoramas of the mountain range. A nice mix of both townhomes and single family homes make up the majority of residential, Centreville real estate with not only beautiful views but beautiful, local surroundings. Neighborhoods like Sully Station tend to be quite tranquil and tree-dappled. Grounds tend to be generous and impeccably manicured. Single family homes tend to appear in spacious floor plans, some in excess of 4 bdrms. Styles often include colonial, split level, and rambler. Centreville VA homes for sale often put new residents next to green areas and parkland. For example, Several homes and townhomes may appear for sale adjacent to Ellanor C. Lawrence Park and Cub Run Park.

The choices in available homes and the value of these homes continues to increase in Centreville VA. To find out more, use the fully integrated, interactive map on this page. Get details on Centreville VA homes for sale, neighborhoods, schools, and lifestyle preferences. If you have a question, contact us directly. Get the expert advice and real estate service you deserve.

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